We believe KPI6 is changing the landscape of social media, end we are proud of our investment and Corporate Strategy Advisory support.

KPI6: Listen, Predict, Decide



Get instant access to the conversations happening on the hottest social media platforms. Monitor real-time conversations as they happen, or historical data to identify trends. Never miss an interaction that has an impact on your business.


KPI6 machine learning approach is a unique support discovering trends and behavioural patterns to based on social media interactions. Extract the data that most interests you. Classify messages with a AI processes. Stop struggling to find answers.


Going beyond traditional social insights, KPI6 is the ultimate tool to empower your business, making data “actionable”. Fuel successful strategic decisions. And discover the whole range of possible actions and automations

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With full access to the Twitter database, you will be able to search and filter through tweets, favorites, retweets, hashtags and more, but also add advanced filters like language, device, OS, Location.


KPI6 powered by Facebook Topic Data can analyze any real-time interaction generated from users and pages in term of demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, attitude and more.


PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights enables companies to discover what professionals are reading, sharing, and saying about products, industries, brands, and news on the world’s largest professional network.